How to Price Kids’ Items for Quick Sales

How to price kids items for your next garage sale

Navigating the world of garage sales as a seasoned pro, I’ve learned that proper pricing is the cornerstone of a successful sale, especially when it comes to kids’ items.

Understanding market trends and buyer expectations can indeed lead to more sales and less leftover inventory. It’s about striking that perfect balance – setting prices that attract buyers while ensuring you don’t give away valuable finds for pennies.

My aim is to share insights on how to price kids’ items effectively, ensuring your garage sale is both a decluttering triumph and a financial success. Here’s to turning those once-loved toys and outgrown clothes into someone else’s treasures!

What to Consider When Pricing Kids Items

Condition and Brand

Condition and brand are two biggies for pricing, especially for kids items. A lightly used, brand-name item can fetch a higher price than something well-loved from a no-name brand. It’s all about perceived value.

I always consider how I’d feel as a buyer – if it’s something I’d be thrilled to find at a bargain, it’s likely others will too. Clean items up, present them nicely, and don’t be shy to price those almost-new or sought-after brand items a tad higher.

Age and Demand

Age and demand of items play a huge role. That ride-on toy your kid zoomed around on may be the hit of the sale if it’s still in vogue. On the other hand, older items that aren’t as sought after might need to be priced more modestly to attract attention.

I stay current with what’s popular in kids’ toys and gear, adjusting my prices to reflect what’s hot and what’s not. Remember, a yard sale is the perfect spot to find hidden gems at great prices, and savvy pricing ensures your items don’t get overlooked.

Pricing Kids Clothing

Infant Apparel

When it comes to infant apparel, remember, babies grow faster than a weed in the spring! So, these items are usually in great condition. I’ve found pricing things between $1 to $3 works wonders. Outfits from popular brands might go up to $5, but keep in mind, the cuter and more pristine it looks, the quicker it sells.

Youth Sizes

For clothing in youth sizes, the pricing gets a tad trickier. These munchkins are adventurers, meaning their clothes see a bit more action. Pricing items remains the same as infant clothes; between $1 and $3, depending on the brand and condition. Coats and special occasion outfits can fetch around $5 to $10.

Pricing Kids Toys

Small Toys

Small toys can be difficult to price because sets are usually incomplete and pricing individually isn’t practical. For these, think about bundling. Grouping them and pricing the lot at $1 to $3 not only offers great value but also clears out more clutter.

Large and Electronic Toys

Large and electronic toys are often the showstoppers. If it’s in good condition and makes all the expected noises, setting the price from $5 to $20 based on its original value and current condition is fair. Do remember to let buyers test them to ensure they’re in working order.

Priing Baby Gear


For highchairs, a clean, sturdy item in good condition could be priced at $10 to $30. Brand does play a significant role here, with higher-end models fetching closer to the $30 mark.


Strollers range widely in type and price. A basic, well-maintained stroller can start at $20, while more robust models, especially those that come with a car seat, can go up to $50 or more.

Pricing Books and Educational Materials

Books and educational materials are my favorite. Priced at 50 cents to $3, depending on the condition and content, they fly off the driveway. Sets and collections, such as “Harry Potter” or workbooks, can be priced slightly higher but offering a deal will surely catch a bibliophile’s eye.

Pricing Outdoor Play Equipment

This category is where you can recoup a fair amount of your investment. Playsets, slides, and bikes hold their value. Depending on the condition, pricing can start from $20 and go up to $100 for larger installations. Always ensure they’re clean and present no safety hazards.


Pricing kids’ items for a garage sale doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the guidelines I’ve shared, you’ll not only attract more buyers but also ensure your items sell quickly.

Remember, the key is to strike the perfect balance between fair pricing and the value of the items. Don’t forget to stay flexible and open to negotiation—it’s all part of the garage sale fun. With a little preparation and the right pricing strategy, you’re well on your way to a successful sale. Happy selling!